Best Cheap Engine Hoist

Whether you are a serious mechanic who wants to do the big job of removing an engine at home or if you find yourself stuck at home and have decided to tackle a big project, an engine hoist, often referred to as cherry pickers, can be a huge help. If you’re looking for a cheap engine hoist immediately and don’t have time to read the entire article, our overall pick is the Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist

The thing about engine hoists is that when you need one, you need one, but unless you plan on removing engines every month, you probably won’t need one that often. This is where buying a cheaper engine hoist, one without any fancy add-ons can help. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to purchase a less expensive engine hoist, in fact, this makes a lot of sense. A cheap hoist should last you for years, maybe even decades, because you won’t be using it very often. 

Yes, you could always rent an engine hoist, but there is nothing to compare with owning your own tools. 

You need to know what the heaviest engine is you think you might be removing. A small 4cylinger engine weighs about 350 pounds and a V6 SUV engine might weigh in at about 600 pounds. Larger V8 truck motors about 800 pounds. Nearly all hoists can handle these weights but double check on the weight of the motor and the weight capacity of the hoist before buying. 

Like all things, there are cheap pieces of junk and there are good quality hoists that are worth the cash. Which is which, however, can be nearly impossible to tell from looking at an online photo. 

We’ve done all the research here, so you can make a more informed decision when you pick out the best cheap engine hoist for your needs. 

The Best Cheap Engine Hoist

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1. Torin Big Red Manual Steel Chain Engine Hoist


  • Lifting Weight: 2,000 Pounds (1 Ton)
  • Electric or Hydraulic: Manual
  • Rolling or Stationary: Stationary

Torin is one of the biggest names in automotive accessories. If you have a garage or workshop where you can attach a hoist to a ceiling beam, this is a terrific inexpensive choice. 

This Big Red hoist is a manual chain with a range of 8.2 feet. The simple 360-degree rotating hook latch means you can attach it to nearly anything that will also support the weight of the motor such as a ceiling eye bolt, trolley, 1-inch diameter support bar, or chain. 

The chain is ¼ inch in diameter of black oxide finished steel, so you know it won’t rust.  Meets the ASME overhead hoist safety standards. Comes with a 1-year warranty. 

For those who don’t want anything fancy and don’t mind manual operation, this is an inexpensive choice that will last for decades. You can even remove it and store it easily if you prefer. 


  • Super budget-priced
  • Amazingly simple operation
  • Durable steel construction


  • Chain is greasy 
  • Gloves should be worn when using
  • The chain must be regularly oiled to prevent rusting

For those who want a basic, no-frills, I-can-do-it-myself hoist, the Torin Big Red Hoist is the budget option that will get the job done. 

2. HTTMT Heavy Duty 2-Ton Engine Hoist


  • Lifting Weight: 4,400 Pounds (2.4 Tons)
  • Electric or Hydraulic: Hydraulic
  • Rolling or Stationary: Rolling

This is a compact, rollaway engine hoist that can handle nearly anything you want to lift. Rated at just short of 2.5 tons, this has 4 adjustable positions, which makes it perfect for both small and larger size vehicles. 

Made from solid steel construction, this unit will fold down in part to make storing it a bit more manageable. HTTMT has a powder-coated, corrosion-resistant protective paint that will inhibit rust. 

More than just an engine hoist, this could be used for transmissions, axles, and transfer cases. This unit does come unassembled so you will need to take some time putting it together, but at this price, it’s worth the extra time it will take to assemble the unit. 

This hoist is a hydraulic unit, which means you will need very little effort to list even super heavy engines. The HTTMT name is fairly new, however, so it’s unknown if this product will be long-lasting. 


  • Very reasonably priced for a hydraulic unit
  • Rated up to almost 2.5 tons


  • New company and product that has yet to be proven
  • Comes disassembled 

If you are willing to take a chance on a little-known brand name and you don’t mind spending the time it would take to assemble this hoist, the HTTMT offers a great price on a heavy-duty engine hoist. 

3. Goplus Overhead Electric Engine Hoist


  • Lifting Weight: 2,200 Pounds (1.2 Tons)
  • Electric or Hydraulic: Electric
  • Rolling or Stationary: Stationary

If you’ve got the ceiling space to mount an electric hoist, why not get one like this hoist by Goplus

When you want a hoist, but you don’t have any floor space to store one, but you do have overhead rafters to use, an electric hoist is a perfect answer. 

With dual hooks and anti-twist wire, each hook can hold up to 1,100 pounds. This uses a remote-control button for easy operation. No pulling on oily chains, just press to pull the motor up or down. The braided wire won’t’ twist and when using a double hook, it extends an incredible 19.5 feet. 

The motor is energy efficient and has an overheat protection system to prevent damage and a built-in safety braking mechanism, so the unit stops working if something touches the motor. The motor has only one speed. 

The electric power cable is 2 feet long, and the remote- control buttons hang on a 5-foot-long cord. You can hook up a 12-gauge power extension to this unit without any issues. 


  • Super heavy-duty lifting capacity for the price
  • Electric motor means no heavy lifting on your end
  • Safety controls make this a smart hoist


  • The remote-control cord is short for some users
  • No information about a warranty if any
  • Some users complained the motor was dead new in the box 

You won’t find anything electric hoist in this lifting range at this price. This is the best value and should satisfy nearly all users. 

4. Dragway Tools 2-Ton Folding Engine Hoist


  • Lifting Weight: 2,000 Pounds (1 Ton)
  • Electric or Hydraulic: Hydraulic
  • Rolling or Stationary: Rolling

Dragway is a well-known name when it comes to making quality engine tools and accessories. This hoist is rated at 4,000 pounds (2 Tons) so other than larger diesel engines; you should have no problem lifting the motors from most vehicles. 

This offers an epoxy coated steel frame to resist rusting and steel tubing type legs that make this a sturdy feeling base. The chain is 12 inches of forged steel that won’t slip, even if you leave the motor connected all day.

Like other floor hoists, this has an extendable boom with 4 positions. With the boom fully extended, it is only rated for ½ ton, which is something to note. 

This is a durable unit that partially folds down so it doesn’t take up too much storage space. For the price, however, this unit should offer either more weight rating or a leveling accessory. 


  • Durable steel design should last for years
  • Smooth operation of the hydraulic unit
  • Well-known manufacturer


  • Several users complained about missing parts
  • Assembly instructions are not clear
  • Costs more than similar 2-ton hoists

This is a good hoist for those who want a name they can trust. Dragway is known for making quality tools, so this unit should be good for many years with proper care. 

5. Strongways Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler


  • Lifting Weight: 4,000 Pounds (2 Tons)
  • Electric or Hydraulic: Hydraulic
  • Rolling or Stationary: Rolling

One problem with all engine hoists is that once the motor is clear of the housing, the engine tends to twist or to lean to one side. A load leveler prevents this from happening, which makes this lift a real winner. 

Made from high-grade steel, this hoist is rated at 2 tons, which should lift anything that will fit in your garage. Painted with an oil and grease resistant paint, this hoist cleans up easy and is rust-resistant. 

This is a hydraulic hoist, which means you don’t need to exert much effort to lift the motor and the four-position boom makes lifting engines out of small cars or big trucks easy.  Comes with a 1- year warranty.

The six large floor casters make moving the hoist around easy and it folds down in part to save space on storage. This hoist also boats that it is built-in ISO certified facilities and meets the ASME safety standard. 


  • Outstanding price for a 2-ton hoist plus engine leveler
  • Foldable for improved storage 
  • Made from high-grade steel


  • Comes partially disassembled and instructions aren’t very clear
  • Some users complained about squeaky wheels 
  • Paint chips easier than expected

Overall, we think this is an outstanding deal for the money. Easy to use and feels very stable, combined with an engine leveler, this is the one if you have room for a floor hoist. 

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to choose the right hoist when you don’t know what a person intends to use it for or how much space they have. 

Our Top Pick for the Best Cheap Engine Hoist

Generally speaking, we have to say that the Strongway engine hoist with leveler came out on top. Most 2-ton hoists cost far more than this without the leveler, so this is almost like getting the engine leveler for free. 

This feels sturdy and heavy-duty. You don’t wonder if it’s going to snap in half, you can feel right off that this is a quality product. 

Strongway should create a clearer set of instructions for assembly, or link to a video, but most DIYers can figure it out with a little effort and time. 

This unit rolls easy and the hydraulics are first-rate. This is everything you could want in an inexpensive engine hoist, hands down. 

Second Place

If you don’t have space for a floor hoist, our pick is the Goplus Electric Engine Hoist. The cords might be a little short, but you can always work around that. 

For the money, once you set this puppy up on the joist or bar, you won’t find an easier way to lift motors or transfer cases. The motor on this feels powerful and with the 2,200-pound rating, you can lift darn near anything that you can fit in your garage.