5 Best Car Waxes for Hiding Scratches

5 Best Car Waxes for Hiding Scratches

You can use car wax for many tasks that help spruce up the body of your car. It not only makes your paint shine and protects it from damage but it can also hide those hideous scratches your car has acquired throughout the years.

But not just any old car wax will do. There are cheap options out there that will do absolutely nothing while others may even further damage your car’s body during waxing.

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You need high-quality car wax for hiding scratches so, today, we’re going to share with you our five favorite car waxes.

1. Meguiars G17216 Ultimate Compound

Meguiars doesn’t disappoint with their Ultimate Compound formula but that’s not surprising from a brand that’s been around for more than 115 years. They know what they’re doing when it comes to car care products.

The formula breaks down the top layers of the paint job so it can fill the scratches, making them disappear. It also has a micro-abrasive technology for shine and gloss. Despite the micro-abrasion, you don’t have to worry about it scratching up your paintwork even further.

The formula helps to hide blemishes, light or moderate oxidation, and water spots. It’s perfect for clear coat.

Instead of having to spend hours polishing a bad finish, this wax cuts that time down in more than half. This isn’t wax but it works just like any wax you’ll find out there. You’ll be ready to show off your ride in no time.

2. Meguiar G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax

This Ultimate Liquid Wax is another perfect product from Meguiar’s. You won’t need to double up on car care products. All you need is to polish with a coat of this wax and your ride will be good to go.

The formula has a Thin Film technology that makes it easy to apply and remove. It offers the largest synthetic protection for your paint job as the synthetic polymers crosslink to create a protective barrier. At the same time, they amplify the reflection of light to create the perfect shine.

Meguiar’s Hydrophobic Polymer technology increases surface tension to protect the paint on your vehicle from water damage. It rolls right off when it hits a surface waxed with this formula.

This product is safe for all glossy paint jobs, including clear coat, and doesn’t leave behind any white residue on your gloves or plastic trim pieces.

3. Turtle Wax 50734 Complete 6-Piece Polishing and Scratch Kit

The Turtle Wax brand is known for its expertise and superior products. You can never go wrong buying a car care product from Turtle Wax. This kit includes a polishing compound, a rubbing compound, two applicator pads, and two microfiber towels. Everything you need for your car’s exterior is in this six-piece kit.

The polishing compound is for light to medium blemishes, oxidation, scratches, and swirls. There isn’t much you can’t hide with this formula.

The premium polish compound uses fine cut polishing agents that improve the clarity of your paint job, leaving it with a glossy finish.

The formula also uses lubricating oil that helps restore the finish, making it like it’s brand new all over again.

For tougher scratches and oxidation, the Premium Rubbing Compound works wonders. It cuts through the layers of the paint to fill those nasty scratches.

This wax set doesn’t work with flat or matte finishes but it’s safe for clear coat and free of silicone.

4. Turtle Wax T-374KTR Color Magic Car Polish in Black

The Color Magic line at Turtle Wax is color specific and comes in several colors. The black Color Magic is one of the best car waxes out there for black vehicles.

Any scratches and blemishes stand out a lot more on a black paint job. This formula uses black-tinted technology to fill scratches with ease. It also removes dirt with a gentle touch and can make those neglected black paint jobs look like the day you applied the paint.

Once you’re done, your black car will have an incredible shine and gloss. It also adds some protection against future light scratches and blemishes.

5. Gliston Magic Scratch Remover and Hairline Polish

Gliston’s Magic Scratch Remover works, well, like magic. This product is really more of a polish than wax. But it works like any wax you buy.

The formula takes out light to medium scratches, blemishes, oxidation, solar strips, scuffs, and swirls. You name the type of mark on your paint, this product can remove it.

Plus, it’s made without any toxic chemicals, though you should still use it in a well-ventilated area. This product works fast. You don’t have to polish it for as long as you do other polishes.

Gliston promises a formula that provides long-lasting protection for your car, protecting its paint job from light scratches and other mild types of damage. Plus, you don’t have to use much of it to hide scratches. You only need a quarter-sized amount to get started. Once the polish hides the scratches and blemishes, it leaves an amazing sheen and gloss.

This kit includes the formula, a microfiber towel, sandpaper, and two transparent pairs of gloves, everything you need to get started.


Scratches can ruin a perfect car paint job and are undoubtedly a nuisance. But scratches and other blemishes do happen which is why you need the perfect product to turn that damage around. We hope this guide of the best car wax for hiding scratches is helpful for you and your car.

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