Best Vacuum for Car Detailing

Our vehicles only seem to keep that new car look for a short period of time. Somehow, they quickly end up dusty and dirty simply because we use them every day. Buying a vacuum cleaner that is specifically made for car detailing makes cleaning effective, quick, and easy. These specialized vacuums keep you from having to haul your household vacuum outdoors and trying to maneuver it to work for cleaning your car. Getting a car detailing vacuum helps you get your vehicle back to its original look with less fuss. 

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Types of Vacuums to Detail Your Car

There are three good types of vacuums for cleaning your car. The first is similar to your household vacuum. It sucks up dirt and uses a normal outlet for power. What makes it different from your household vacuum cleaner is that it has extra accessories and is a more useable size for your car. Plus, storage is easy. Sometimes you can even just hang it on the garage wall. 

The second kind of car vacuum cleaner is one that plugs into your vehicle’s 12-Volt car adapter. It draws power from the car itself rather than an outside power source. These vacuums are not as powerful as those that use regular power but not having to use an extension cord and an outside outlet is a plus. 

The last type is a rechargeable vacuum cleaner. A small, hand-held vacuum can be ideal for a car detailer to clean upholstery and other dust and debris. Make sure that you choose one that has a strong enough suction to clean your car. You also need proper attachments for all those hard to reach places. 

Now, here are our picks for the best vacuums for at-home car detailing: 

ThisWorx TWC-01 Car Vacuum

This vacuum is great for power and portability and has a great combination of attachments that are ideal for auto detailing. It is powered through your vehicle’s DC adapter and comes with accessories that do everything you need, including an extension hose, brushes, crevice tool, a HEPA filter, and a case for storage. This vacuum is highly reliable and cleans every area of your vehicle, even the tight spaces. It has a 16-foot cord allowing you to reach anywhere that you need to and a wet or dry design. The motor is strong at 106-watts making it easy to use the three attachments. It lightweight and the storage case lets you store it easily in your trunk. As an added benefit, it even comes with an extra filter and brush. 

Black and Decker Flex Car Vacuum

Black and Decker always makes great vacuum cleaners and this one is especially good fo car cleaning. it has an extra-long hose and cord making it easy to clean anywhere in the interior. This vacuum cleaner uses the vehicle’s DC power source and comes with multiple attachments and a storage bag. The longer cord and hose make vacuuming anywhere inside the vehicle easy. It has cyclonic action to pull dirt up and get it away from the filter to help maintain good suction. 

DeWalt Cordless/Corded Rechargeable Wet-Dry Vac

This particular detailing vacuum has a lithium-ion battery so it can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. You can choose to use its battery power or a standard household AC wall plug, depending on what you need it to do. Its ability to clean up liquid and dirt is great, especially when you have kids and pets. The lithium-ion battery also means you can use it to clean up messes anywhere. It can be used with or without a cord for optimum portability. This vacuum has an anti-crush five-foot-long hose, a reusable filter, and a hardy two-gallon capacity. 

Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Vacuum

This is a great wall-mounted Bissell vacuum that comes with every attachment you could possibly need and powerful suction for good car cleaning. It uses a regular household AC plug and comes with a long 32-foot hose, extension attachments, brush, and storage bag. Bissell is a specialist when it comes to vacuum cleaners and this product shows why. There is nothing in your vehicle it can’t clean with its long hose, four-gallon tank, and two-stage filter. It can easily pick up wet or dry debris and has a blower if you simply need to get rid of some loose leaves or dirt. This machine offers a lot of power and simply tucks out of the way when not in use. 

ThisWorx TWC-01 Car Vacuum is the recommended best for a car vacuum cleaner. While each has its pros and cons, ThisWorx is a good combination of a solid product for a really good price. While you never want to choose a product based only on price, this one is affordable with lots of quality to back it up. You won’t waste your money on this product as it is the best vacuum for car detailing. Plus, the seller offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a vacuum specifically for cleaning your vehicle is a good idea and saves a lot of hassle. You no longer have to haul out your household vacuum and you get specially designed attachments so you can make your car look just like it did when you drove it off the lot. Each car detailing vacuum has pros and cons so find the one that works best for you. You may want a wall-mounted one with extra strong suction if you use your vehicle for heavy-duty work or maybe you need one that has extra-long hose and cords to reach the third row of seats to get the cookie crumbs and pet hair.

No matter what you need to detail your car, you can find a high-quality vacuum that fits your purpose and budget. The recommended best is a great all-round vacuum but you may find that others have different characteristics that suit you a little more. Buy the one that is good quality and fits within your budget. 

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