Best Car Wax for Hot Climates

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If you are like a lot of people in the US, you live in a place that doesn’t just get hot, or even toasty, in the summer months, you live in a place that gets kick your butt hot! Some states are super- hot almost year-round. 

You’ve seen the damage that the UV rays of the sun can do to things left outside; faded and rotten upholstery and colors, it eats away wicker like it’s a breakfast cereal, and it wreaks havoc on your skin. 

Imagine what it’s doing to your car’s beautiful paint! 

You want a quality car wax that is not only going to protect your beautiful ride from the UV rays of the sun but one that will last and be able to take the heat and not get muddy looking. 

Carnauba wax is one of the best car waxes out there, but in extreme temps, it can begin to look cloudy. 

One last thing we were looking for was the ease of application. You will most likely want to wax your car just before the summer really hits, but even then, it’s usually hot as heck! A quality wax that was easy to apply and remove would be a big plus in our book! 

For really hot climates, we’ve boiled down the best car waxes to the top 5. You are definitely going to want to check this list out before you wax your car for the upcoming summer months. 

The Best Car Waxes for High-Temperature Climates

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1. Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Souveran Paste Wax


  • Size: 8 Ounces
  • Applicator: Sponge Included
  • Liquid or Paste Wax- Paste

While it is true that Carnauba wax tends to look cloudy in ridiculously hot temps, this wax by Pinnacle contains a pure Brazilian Ivory Carnauba wax. It remains clear but needs to be reapplied regularly. Regularly is a very loose definition, but many users found that reapplying every three months was fairly typical. 

One of the things that you will notice right away with this wax is how easy it is to put on. It literally is like rubbing butter on hot bread. Taking it off is almost as easy. Even if you don’t live in a hot climate, you will be recommending this wax to everyone simply for the ease of application! 

If you want to have the best for your ride, you won’t mind paying a premium price for a premium product. Don’t let the price scare you away, however. This container of wax will last a long, long time. You only need a small amount! This can will cover the average car about 25 times. 

You might think this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, but everyone must judge this for themselves. If you want to give it a try but can’t stand the thought of spending that much on a wax product that might not be exceptional, go in half with a friend. You will want the entire can for yourself next time around. 


  • Incredibly easy to apply
  • Leaves paint with that coveted wet look
  • No white powder everywhere or on the plastic portions


  • This could be out of the price range for some
  • Some claim the wax attract pollen and dirt
  • Only lasts about 90 days on average

2. Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax


  • Size: 11 Ounces
  • Applicator: Sponge Included
  • Liquid or Paste Wax- Paste

The Meguiar’s name goes back at least a century. There’s a reason Meguiar’s stays one of the most recognized names in car wax products; they use the good stuff! 

This is a pure synthetic wax that contains Meguiar’s proprietary technology called Hydrophobic polymers that create surface tension, so water doesn’t just bead on the surface, it falls right off. 

You might feel strange waxing your car in the sunlight, but that’s one of the best things about this wax! Synthetic wax actually performs best when applied in direct sunlight, but you might want to do it in the early morning or late afternoon, so you don’t get sunburned or too fatigued from the heat. 

Like many paste waxes, this will leave a white haze on plastic parts, so avoid those when applying. This wax also takes about 3 days to fully cure, so don’t wash your vehicle soon after applying. Besides the sponge, this also comes with a special microfiber towel for removal. 


  • Long-lasting (usually 5 months or more)
  • Only requires a small amount
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Leaves a white haze on plastic parts
  • Some users claim it attracts dirt 
  • Sponge applicator appears to be missing from many boxes


3. Finish Kare Big White Hi-Temp Paste Wax


  • Size: 14.5 Ounces
  • Applicator: None Supplied
  • Liquid or Paste Wax: Paste

Finish Kare, often referred to simply as “Kare”, is a well-known name in car wax, and you can’t help but notice any product that explicitly says it is for high temperatures. 

This paste wax is a mix of synthetic wax and other high-quality waxes that have a high melting point. Once this wax has dried on your cars finish, it leaves a highly resistant barrier that will protect the paint on your ride from UV rays, tree sap, hard water and not to mention, heat. 

You know that any wax recommended for marine applications will really hold up to the elements. We like this wax because it can be used on chrome and even plastic parts without leaving that ugly white powder or haze behind. 

This is only a partial synthetic so you should apply it in the shade. We love the way Finish Kare Big White hid some of the minor scratches (we didn’t expect that), but best of all, nothing seems to stick to this wax. Dusting your car will become the new thing since you won’t really need to wash it! 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Hides minor scratches most other waxes won’t
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Doesn’t seem to last as long as some others (3 months on average)
  • Some users complain it is difficult to remove
  • No sponge or microfiber towel included

4. 3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax


  • Size: 9.5 Ounces
  • Applicator: None Supplied
  • Liquid or Paste Wax: Paste

Everyone knows the 3M name, but you most likely know it for tape and glue than car wax. 

Anything developed for Marine use means it offers serious protection from UV rays and hard water, but since 3M is a name you trust in other areas, it’s no surprise that this wax offers exceptional durability and a shine that lasts! 

This wax is specifically designed for fiberglass, but it will work well on any painted surface. It combines a polymer technology that creates a durable acrylic bond, mixed with carnauba wax for a deep, beautiful shine. What you get is a wax that releases dirt and water, salt, and more, without sacrificing the shine you want. 

3M Marine Wax is made for those hot temperatures, and it lasts like the dickens. Like many types of paste wax, this one is a bit harder to apply and remove than liquid wax, but let’s face it, no liquid wax can stand up to a paste wax when it comes to durability. 

It is not uncommon for an application of 3M Marine Ultra Performance Wax to last 6 months. This is the toughest wax you can buy, and it works like a charm at hiding minor scratches and removing mild oxidation. 


  • Incredibly long-lasting (6 months on average)
  • Smells like coconut 
  • Works on fiberglass or any painted surface


  • A few users say they didn’t find the shine exceptional
  • More difficult to remove than some other products
  • Some feel that it is overpriced

5. Collinite 845 Extreme Insulator Wax


  • Size: 16 Ounces (one pint)
  • Applicator: None Supplied
  • Liquid or Paste Wax: Liquid

Like Meguiar’s, Collinite has been making car care products for more than 100 years. You might not be as familiar with the name, but that’s because this product was mostly used by detailing and painting professionals. 

The company states that they developed this wax for insulating electrical components before discovering hat it works well on painted surfaces as well. Now if this wax was made to help insulate electrical cables, you know that it must be tough as nails. 

The company claims that this wax stands up better to hot summers than regular carnauba wax.  While most waxes claim to leave an outstanding shine on black and dark-colored cars, this is the only wax that says it terrific for white and light-colored cars. 

One thing everyone will love about Collinite 845 is that you can use it on glass, glass headlight covers, even plastic parts without that white, hazy powder or residue. If you look behind the scenes, you will find many detailers using this wax on their cars and their customer’s cars. That says a lot about how great this product works. 

Most liquid wax cannot stand the summer heat. They turn dull or they simply wash off within a few weeks. That is not the case with Collinite 845. Most users state that, even if the car is not in the garage, they can go three or four months in-between applications. That being said, many people warn about overusing this product. Applying too much to the vehicle results in a difficult removal process. 


  • A small amount goes a long way, making this very affordable
  • Lasts for months, even in extreme temperatures
  • Clay bars usually not required


  • Difficult to remove if not properly applied
  • A few users complained about streaks
  • Some users state that the product separates easily

The Bottom Line

Wow. There are so many good choices, it can be difficult to pick the one you like best. One might last for months but another brand is so easy to apply! Can’t someone make a wax that does it all? 

While we can’t say that we found a “perfect” wax, we believe the wax that came the closest to perfect would be the Finish Kare Big White Hi-Temp Paste Wax. 

While Finish Kare may not have lasted 6 months like some other waxes, it did hide the minor scratches that other waxes didn’t. It was also very reasonably priced, so you didn’t feel like you were spending a small fortune on wax. 

We also like that Finish Kare is a mix of synthetic and Carnauba wax. We know synthetic waxes last but it’s the Carnauba that leaves you with the mind-blowing shine. 

Sorry, Meguiar’s! 


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